What we excel at?

Turn Uncertainties into Opportunities

Souks Consulting

We work with organizations to address the uncertainty of future prospects and mitigate risks. We also help identify opportunities and threats in macro-and micro-economic trends, that, when analyzed and interpreted correctly, can form powerful and responsive strategies.

Business Concept Development

Services included

The business concept is the core of your business idea.  Our experts utilize their market knowledge and develop a concept that supports your business idea with a methodological and scientific approach. 

Identify Market Gaps & Needs


Refine & Assess Ideas 


Research Target Audience 


Market Testing & Planning


USP Development


Positioning Strategy Development

Management & Strategic Advisory

Services Included

Our experts excel at providing management and strategic advisory to your business. We ensure your business is efficient from an operational and financial standpoint. 

Business Process Re-Engineering


Corporate Governance Advisory


Risk & Compliance Advisory


Corporate Restructuring


Financial Consultancy


Marketing Consultancy

Human Capital Consulting


11:30 am

Nowadays, it is not enough to just hire qualified talents. For your business to grow, we offer a wide range of human capital consulting services to bring your business to the next level. 

Outsourcing Consultancy


Human Capital Assessment


Talent Mining & Development


Executive Search & Headhunting


Job Modelling


Competency Development

office space



Souks Consulting has a unique blend of global experience and local knowledge.

We use that within a disciplined framework to help our clients focus their energy, resources, and strengthen operations, to ensure that teams are working toward the desired goals.


Further, we help them continuously assess and adjust the business direction to be agile and aligned with KSA 2030 Vision's main pillars which are a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.




We look at the big picture to identify the key aspects of your challenges.


Outline the plan of action and roadmap to paving the way for swift launching.


Using the analysis from the first phase to determine the proper framework for the organization.

Roll out

Launch and implement the changes and monitor the progress towards the objectives.






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